I wonder what’s in this box……………….
find out tomorrow!!!!!
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4 Responses to >MMMMMMMMMMM………………

  1. jan says:

    >Ohhh whats in it? Tell me, I'm your mum.

  2. Rosa-Munda says:

    >Hi Annette,Now if I had a box that big, what would I like to find in it? Lots of fabric to start off with, maybe a big box of chocies, a nice bottle of sparkling wine, and a goodlooking chap. Could it be any of those things? Ros

  3. Di says:

    >Whisper it to me, won't tell your Mum. BTW Jeff will be bringing that wadding up when he drop's Curly off with your Mum

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Mum, All will be revealed!!! :-)Ros, Now let's get this sorted, fabric would be nice, choccies – yummy, sparkling wine – perfect, a good-looking chap – think i might skip that one!!! if there was one in it you would be the first to receive him!!!! :-)))Di, Hehehehe, no!!!! Fantastic about the wadding, thanks.xxx

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