These are the blocks which mum got the group to do today, i managed to get one finished and the other very nearly, inbetween making tea, washing up, cutting out and shoving a few biccies down me mush!!!
I really like them and am definitely going to make more as soon as i can get my hands on the fabric…..only got a little left so got to purchase more!!!!
I finished the second block as soon as i got in, dinner had to wait as i wanted it done!!! Reb didn’t mind too much as she chomped on a sweetie, think she thought it was her lucky day having sweets before dinner!!!! Hahahahahahaha!
Hmmmmmmmmm, just seen the colours, the light is more a mint green, they look better in real life, oh well, maybe it was my photography skills or lack of them!!! Hahahahaha!!
Thanks mum for finding more great blocks!!!xxxx

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3 Responses to >QUILT SET BLOCKS

  1. jan says:

    >It is hard to get the colours just right sometimes, they look OK though. You managed to get them both done then, well done. Again! mum xx

  2. >Super-duper job NN – they are lovely and I'm really loving the block design with the green in. Mmmm….maybe for the futureHope you girls are doing ok! Love M xxxxx

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Marian,Thanks! I have the fabric now for it nut do you think i have the time!!!! Will maybe get it cut out for the holiday and have a bit of bonding with the machine!!!We are fine, looking forward to finishing school and no alarm clocks!!!Bliss!NN.xx

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