I made this quilt for the soldier’s, as Joan, (a member of Popular Patchwork site) sent me a cheque to get some bits to help me towards the quilts i am making with Di. I decided to buy some fat quarters from Sunflower Corner Quilting, as they have amazing bundle bags where you get 10 fat quarters for £10!!! So off i went to purchase!!! Got them, loved them, found a pattern and made this gorgeous quilt, which everybody loves so far who has seen it!!!

The background and border fabrics were from my stash, the main blocks are the bundle bag fabrics, and the block is called Anvil.

I just quilted it with diagonal lines and little whirlies in the border, just a label to do next,(with Joan’s name on) and then hopefully it will have a new owner who will love it just as much as we all do!!!

Thank you Joan for the donation,xx and to Sunflower Corner for fab fabrics!xx
NN. :-))

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  1. jan says:

    >It's not until you see these quilts 'in the flesh' so to speak, you realise how drop dead gorgeous they are.I am so proud of what you have achieved in such a short space of time, and to be making these quilts for our boys and girls is just an amazing thing to do. Keep it up. So good of Joan to send that cheque, hope she likes what you did with her dosh. Sure she would. So many really kind people out there, and every little helps of course.lol mum x

  2. Di says:

    >REall is a beautiful quilt. Mind you all your others are fabulous too. Thank you for what you are doing.I'm goiong to try and catch up with some bits and pieces as I've got this week off!!

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Yoohoo!!Am moving and a grooving with the quilts! Got quite a bit sorted today, just need to pin up few more, quilt few more and make a few more!!! Hahahahahaha!! It's all go here!!Am loving making them, finding it hard to give them up though!! hehehehehe, not really. They are going to some great deserving people and that is what counts, i shall carry on and on till i've used up the country's fabric supplies!!!Joan is a gem, as are all the other ladies who have donated so far and continue to do so, big hugs for them all.Thank you both for the lovely comments, i am a machine!!! A janome!! (you like me though mum!!!)NN.xxx

  4. >Hi NNYou have done such a fantastic job on all the quilts you have started and completed for our Heroes. They are all gorgeous and will be loved and treasured by so many families for many years to come…I hope you are proud of your achievements because you should be. Well done mate! You're a star xM xxx

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