I decided to have a bit of a rest from quilting soldier quilts, and it’s still holidays so not much sewing being done. However i saw this mini quilt in a magazine and thought i’d give it a bash as you do. The fabrics i used all came from Sunflower Corner Quilting, these are the bundle bags that mum bought for me a few posts back if you remember, it’s nice but i think i shall really like it once the binding is on, as it will ‘blue’ it up a bit.
Not to sure what i shall do with it yet, maybe it willl go on the table or back of a chair, who knows!! Am looking forward to quilting something small for a change!!!
Thank you mum for buying me the lovely fabrics.xx
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2 Responses to >BIT BLUE

  1. jan says:

    >You put me to shame, I haven't made anything for ages now.This is really pretty, bet Reb collars it!!! lol x

  2. Net's Place says:

    >That's because you haven't been bonding, but that is about to change!!!! Bet she don't!! She hasn't said anything bout it!!! probably not her colours!!! NN.xx

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