> Reb’s ‘Doggy’ pincushion pattern
A metre of each, just because i liked

A bargain at £5 a metre, was in the
clear out section of a stall
These were buy 3 get one free, what
was i supposed to do!!!!!
£1 a fat quarter, bargain!!
Oakshott squares of silk, bought
because i liked the colours!!
Loved the colours and the way it is
My gorgeous peacock pattern and
blues/green to make a start!!

As you can tell from the above, I had a fantastic time shopping and went bargain mad!!! Where else would I have found all these goodies just in one day!!! Can’t wait till next year’s show now, think of all the lovelies I shall bring home then!!! Bargain bird strikes again!!!

The quilts were gorgeous, just cannot get over how big some people’s beds must be!!! So many lovely colours, patterns and sparkles!!! Don’t think I had a favourite one, as there were just so many to see and choose!!! Could quite easily have took a few home, not too sure if the owner’s would have liked it though!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Roll on next year!!! Watch out NEC, I am coming back!!!!


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  1. jan says:

    >Glad you liked the show, as it was your first one. Also that Reb liked it too.Yep, we do it all again next year, and hopefully a two day visit!!!!!!! Whadya say to that??mum xx

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