This one the blocks were donated, I added sashing and quilted all over in a vermicelli style.
The peach fabric was donated by Marian, I made it up into a rail fence pattern, which look like whirlies to me!! Quilted with a tied star.

This blue quilt was donated by a lady at mum’s group called Betty, top was all made, backing and wadding included, all I had to do was quilt it!! Just in the ditch as didn’t want to spoil it!!

This is what i have been working on through the school holidays which are now over!!! Three soldier quilts, just need to do labels, then on top of the pile they go, awaiting some more friends to join them!!!

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6 Responses to >MOVING AND A GROOVING!!!

  1. jan says:

    >Three more for three lucky people. Well done for getting them finished. mum xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    >all of them are lovely ,love the top one.joan

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Thanks mum and Joan, am working on the next one now, trying to make the pile shrink!!! :-0Not working much yet!!! hahahahaha!

  4. >All are blooming gorgeous as usual…and hey! vermicelli quilting…were have you been hiding this skill? I can see I'm going to have to move nearer to you and Jan to expand on my quilting techniques. Well done!M xxx

  5. Net's Place says:

    >Thanks M!!I don't know where i've been hiding it!!! I only bung on some music, put foot down and away i go, can't stop as it too bloomin addictive!!!Give it a bash love!!! It's fun!! Hahahahaha!! Just mind your fingers!!

  6. >Oh make it sound so easy…why don't you!Still think it'll be easier if I move nearer to you lot up there….planning it for my retirement as I type…Love to allM XXXXX

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