> Cookbook and Green Agate polished mat from Reb

All above goodies from Sis and Bruv, bar of chocolate from mum and chocolate orange from fellow dinner lady.

Purple gift card from Dad, Teddy gift card from my friend Zana, both got £30 on, so a good spend to happen very soon!!!

New wooden storage cabinet for my mountain of CD’s and stereo from Mum

Wine from my friend Karen

Choccy cake on left from Sis, she didn’t have time to make one!!! One on right is all that’s left of mine!!!

As you can see i had lots of lovely pressies and two jubbly cakes!! Thank you to everyone who bought me the lovely gifts and for wishing me a happy birthday. Am also treating myself today to a haircut, so lets hope that i like it when i come out!!! Will probably end up staying there if i don’t!! Hehehehehe!!

Have a nice day everybody and back soon!!
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5 Responses to >BIRTHDAY PRESSIES!!!

  1. jan says:

    >Hello Annette, you had some great prezzies there, I like your new hairstyle too. It will grown on you!!!! You know what I mean. It is very 60s very Mary Quant. Now people of a certain age will know what it looks like.lol mum xx

  2. jan says:

    >By the way you need to go to that post again and scroll to the bottom of it, then backspace back up, you have a HUGE space at the bottom, you need to get rid of that, if you don't know what I mean I will show you on Thursday. Mum xx

  3. Susan says:

    >Happy belated Birthday Annette. Sounds like you had a really nice day. Love Susan xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Sounds like you had a great day NN! Post a pic of the new hairdo?Fiona.

  5. jan says:

    >Hey Fiona, she wont do that, betcha

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