Okay! Which one would you choose???

Leave me a message saying which one you would like, and Reb will pull out a winner!!

All three are hand stitched, as they were done before i had a machine. Chickens and Gingerbread Men are small quilts/hangings and Honey Bee is 27″ square. Have to give some away to new homes to make room for all the new projects i want to start!!!! Far too many, hehehehehe!!

Good luck!


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14 Responses to >NEW HOMES NEEDED!!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >hello reb n net, I think they are all lovely , but my choice would be the gingerbread men, if I am lucky,…….joanx

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Hello Reb n Net – missed seeing you at the last Quilt Set but was otherwise engaged, playing Florence to the patient!I would love to win the Honey Bee, I have just the spot for it.Pat

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Hi NN, I would really like to win the honeybee, but any one would be great!Caz

  4. GloJoeSews says:

    >Well, which came first, the chicken or the egg? I LOVE the chickens…and the eggs!

  5. >I like the ginger bread men. Pull my name Reb. I love your mom, she's great! Your so lucky! And from what I hear, she's just as lucky to have you and Reb.

  6. Shar says:

    >Oh my goodness I love those chickens! They are just too cute!

  7. >They are all wonderful but my fave are the chickens….makes me smile!Good luck to who ever wins!

  8. Di says:

    >Oooh I like them all but I think my favourite is the Honey Bee. I made one of the chooks at the QS many moons ago. Must see if I can find it.Di

  9. Lisa says:

    >Mmm let me see now. If i had to choose just one which is difficult as theyre all lovely, it would be the gingerbread peeps. As I am not allowed any sugary foods or treats anymore, doctors orders. With these I can still have my much loved gingerbread men without being told off. Lisax

  10. >I like the Honey bee well i like them all but that the one i would go for if you like to put me down in the drawHugs Janice

  11. maggi says:

    >Love chickens so there is no real choice for me. How come I didn't know before that you had a blog ? I enjoyed browsing though.

  12. maggi says:

    >By the way I have just spent the last few minutes playing with your hamster, sooo cute.

  13. Anonymous says:

    >Would definitely love to have the chickens! (Would look great in the new kitchen…:) )Hope Reb pulls my name out of the hat!Fiona.

  14. Gene Black says:

    >Chickens!!! I pick the Chickens. I don't eat Chicken so they will be safe with me!.

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