> I am soooooooo lazy!!! Cannot believe I haven’t put anything on here since new year’s day!!!!!

So I shall start afresh!!!! Above is a quick quilt which I managed to finish the other day. It is 6″ christmas squares, with a chocolate fleece blanket as backing, quilted with tied whirlies, as have been so cold recently that I needed to wrap myself up in chocolate!! Only thing is, I haven’t managed to do that yet as Reb has nicked it from me, everytime she comes home and when she wakes up!!!!! Oh well, at least she is warm, that’s the main thing!!!! I shall just settle for eating the chocolate!!!!

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4 Responses to >I AM SOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!!

  1. jan says:

    >Oh yummy just thinking bout being wrapped in chocolate…..mmmm

  2. >I love this quilt, so scrappy looking, and I love scrappy.

  3. >Very Nice, you have to do another one just so you can have one each lolHugs Janice

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Mmm, could do with some choc right now – and the scrummy quilt…we have builders in and there can't help but be drafts! :)Fiona.

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