>Well! As you can tell from above the heading, I am not happy.

Four days have passed and I have not received any post. I know I am expecting some post too as my friendship blocks have been posted from the ladies on PP site, but they do not appear to have made it to mine. That is why I am not happy.

I phoned the post office depot today and spoke quite politely (considering I was annoyed) to a woman, and asked her if there was a ‘strike’ on where I lived, she asked for my postcode then told me that there wasn’t. I then asked why I hadn’t had any post for 4 whole days and her excuse was that the postmen on my area are off ‘sick’ and also that there was too much ‘ice’ for them to walk!!!!

(Imagine nostrils flaring at this moment!)

Now! I walk everywhere, I take reb to school in the morning, then back down the hill, walk up again for my lunchtime shift, then walk down again, walk to do my shopping, then walk home, walk to take Reb swimming every wednesday after school, walk up the hill to pick her up from school then back down again. I can flipping well manage in very slippy icy conditions, so why can’t they deliver my post????? I also have to manage even when I am ill as I have no one else to take Reb to school.

So, please excuse me having a moan, but I am just off to google an image of a postman ,as I can’t seem to recollect what one looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!


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4 Responses to >NOT HAPPY.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >You have put that so well, that you should copy it and send it to your main Postal dept in your area , addressed to the manager, It is so annoying when you are waiting for something to arrive…. Where we lived before the Postal service was so erratic that our neighbour used to go and fetch her own in the end, and I think they still do. Which I certainly would not. have a drink and some choccie. you may feel a bit better.ttfnJoanx

  2. jan says:

    >What she hasn't told you is that when there IS a post-person, he delivers the mail, by opening the door to the block where she lives and throws the mail on the floor. Too lazy to go up the stairs, I do and I struggle with stairs.What great service…..NOTfrom Janet -Annettes' mum, who can tell you she is really p*** off about this.

  3. maggi says:

    >What wusses your postmen are. Mine has been battling through atrocious conditions. You should write a formal complaint if your mail is not being delivered through your letter box. Mine was left stuck out for anyone to take and so I did complain, took three complaints but now it gets pushed right through. (Comes of having a dad who worked for the royal mail and post office all his working life – I know my rights!!)

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Good on ya Maggi!!!! Shame I wasn't in when it arrived else I would have gone out and spoken to him to find out his excuses!!!!!We don't have 'a' postman, it seems to change all the time here, different every day. The main thing is I have my blocks, but am still waiting for the calendar I ordered!!!!Joy!

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