Am back, and have managed to load my piccies onto the side so now I can post with no fear of losing the sight of my luvvies!!!! Had to put a piccie up of Robbie as mum won’t go on my blog otherwise!!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Not done a lot recently as had a cold and felt bit naff, so just had early nights and gave my germs to the delightful specimens at school, so hopefully they will be suffering in the holiday!!! Nice dinner lady aren’t I!!!

Managed to get a bit of sewing done today, strange that as couldn’t quite remember how to thread my machine, been a while since I did any!!

Have been naughty and ordered some fabric today, well, it is pay day tomorrow and I was ill this week!!!! Will take a piccie when I receive it, as excellent news, only ordered it today and already I have had an email saying it has been despatched!!! That postman had better turn up that’s all I can say!!


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2 Responses to >BIT OF WAFFLE!!!

  1. >Can't wait to see what kind of fabric you bought. Ya know, you could really go fabric shopping at your mom's. She has loads. haha

  2. jan says:

    >Hey Tonya, whose side are you on??????Smart pik of Robbie over there…get rid of the others though….hahahahahahaWHAT FABRIC you dint tell me…….

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