>LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!


Took Reb for a haircut after school today, fed up of all the tangles and she was beginning to look a bit windswept all the time!!!

Much tidier now and she loves it!!!

I have one posh bird now!

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8 Responses to >LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. jan says:

    >OMG HOW MUCH GONE!!!! I cant believe you had all that cut off. Good grief, reminds me of you when you were little and I had your long long hair chopped too. Cept, you cried and didn't speak to me for days.It does look good Reb, it will just take Nana a while to get used to it, and it will soon grow again anyway.lol xxxxxxx

  2. jan says:

    >I see Mr Darcy is at the top of the tree now!!!!Yep I agree he is a bit mmmm mmmmm old as I am I can still admire……..mum xx hahahahaha

  3. >looks good and very styled………..

  4. Cath says:

    >Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yes!! Oh to be 30 years younger!!!Lovely haircut Reb, it looks so shiney too.

  5. Barb says:

    >She is adorable…and I am sure her hair is easier to up keep.

  6. >Hi RebI love your new haircut. It looks like you are getting ready for your new school this year. Only got until March to go Reb PHEW! Thank goodness for that – walking like this is sure attracting a lot of funny looks from peopel in the street. I jusy hope I remember how to walk properly when you've got your place….hahahahahaM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. >Oops RebI may have to come to your new school too as I've made 2 mistakes with my typing…hahahahahaM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Net's Place says:

    >Mum, chill!!!! Colin is mine, you got the robster!!Tonya, she loves it!Cath, hehehehe!! easy tiger!!Barb, yep it is much easier to brush now and doesn't take so long to dry!!M, hahahahahaha, not long now, just over a week i think, am sure she'd love it if you went to her school, imagine all the signs you could teach her and the fun she would have knowing they didn't have a clue what she was saying about them!!!!!

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