Just thought I’d share this picture with you of my machine called ‘Petal’ and her new friend to the right of her is called ‘Beryl’.

I borrowed ‘Beryl’ from mum, whilst my ‘Petal’ had gone to the shop to be seen to, as she had started making the bobbin jump about in the case and developed a bit of a squeak. Turns out all she needed was a drop of oil.

Although, when I bought her and phoned the man in the shop saying I was missing the oil in the extra bits you get with the machine, he told me I wouldn’t need it, now however he has told me I should put a drop in every couple of months!!!!

Word appreciation moment when I left the shop I can tell you, obviously I can’t put on here what I said as I left!!! Let’s just say people moved out of my way whilst I headed for the bus stop!!!!

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3 Responses to >PETAL & BERYL

  1. jan says:

    >Well don't they look cute next to each other like that. Shame one is a duffer.I told you he is a Wombat!!!mumxxx

  2. >lol @ Jans comment. I think ya'll may need a new sewing machine repairman

  3. Net's Place says:

    >One is not a duffer, she works for me, let's face it she have to else she get threatened with a certain book!!!!! :-)))

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