Today was my last day as a dinnerlady at Reb’s school.
I received a lovely selection of chocolate from my fellow dinnerladies, and wine from the kitchen staff!! The basket of plants was from the headteacher, love the basket!!!!!
I decided to leave school as with my other job working weekend’s I was getting a bit tired and ratty with reb, and it wasn’t her fault, bless her! This is what happens when you have to have two jobs to make up the hours.
So I asked at my other job if they could find me more hours and thankfully they said yes, so from now on I shall work four days and have three whole days off!!!! What bliss! Although I do have plenty to keep me occupied, my flat is a mess, I have dust!! everywhere needs cleaning, my cupboards are a bombsite, my stash has got untidy, my projects are growing and the pile of fabric for the soldier quilts has taken over my lounge!!!! How did I let this happen??? Too tired after work and everything else!!!
The only problem now is……………. What do I do tomorrow on my first whole day off????????
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7 Responses to >MORE NEWS!

  1. >you sleep late….and do whatever you want

  2. jan says:

    >You do whatever you want to. Cos you can!

  3. maggi says:

    >You were obviously appreciated at the school. Just enjoy your free time doing whatever you want to, you deserve it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >I agree…do whatever you fancy and enjoy the feeling of having time to yourself again!H

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Enjoy the whole day , do whatever you want , Any housework can wait for another day,, I'm sure it won't mind.Joanx

  6. Cath says:

    >I hope you've had a thoroughly wonderful day NN, doing just what you fancied, when you fancied, and with the happy thought that you can do the same, THREE times a week from now on!!!

  7. Net's Place says:

    >I will!! and I did!!! Thank you ladies!!xx

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