Well, I had a lovely day on wednesday, although I have to admit I did keep looking at my watch and thinking about Reb all day!!! :-)))

I had a trip to Hobbycraft, bought a few bits, then popped into Matalan and treated Reb to an outfit as thought it was a bit of a bargain!!! Came home, had lunch and then sat and read my book!!!! Lovely!!

Today however, I had to buy a new kettle as the one I have was leaking all over the place this morning and was worried incase it splashed water onto Reb when she makes tea. Now I am on the puta, then I might just start some sewing before I have to go to work later!!!

Although, I should really sort the above mess out at some point!!! Hahahahaha!!

Happy sewing people!!

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4 Responses to >I SHOULD SORT THIS OUT!!!

  1. >nahhh, leave the mess like it is. it's easier to find things. haha

  2. jan says:

    >I will do it for you tomorrow. hahahahamum x

  3. Di says:

    >Wait until you see the pictures of my table!!!!! Yours is immaculate compared to that.Having a sort out now. Fancy a couple of hundred magazines?????

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Hahahahahaha!!!! You've got a few patterns there to do then Di with all those magazines!!!!

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