A gold package for me!!
The front of gorgeous Notebook

Back of lovely

Inside front cover

Inside back cover


I have been really very lucky in being sent a handmade Notebook and cover by a fabulous lady called Maggi.

It is in my favourite colour, and is gorgeous and definitely has the WOW factor!! I can’t really describe it apart from saying have a look for yourselves as you will all want one, but the thing is you can’t have mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Of course i can’t use it as it is far too jubblies to use, i shall just touch it, look at it and snuggle it all the time!!! And snigger to myself when mum see’s it!!!!

Thank you so much Maggi for my lovely Notebook.xxxxx

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5 Responses to >WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Lady Hopwood says:

    >I thought that notebook looked like Maggi's work! What a lovely package to find, you should use it for very special notes only (no Tesco's shopping lists in this one, lol!)

  2. maggi21 says:

    >I am so glad you like it. Use it!!!!

  3. jan says:

    >I saw it in the flesh today. I am GREEn with envy. It is stunning.Hubby commented, there are people who make wonderful things like this, then there is you – meaning me.Well thanks for the vote of confidence hubby of mine! I know what he means though, that is the worrying thing.

  4. jan says:

    >Stunning, I saw it today. I am green with envy. This is the second message I have done for this post, I have no idea where my other one went. My computer is going lala at the moment. Trying again.Now

  5. Net's Place says:

    >Hehehehehehe!!! I will use it, but not today!!! And definitely not for shopping lists!!!!!

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