Crushed raspberry batik
Multi dot batik

How fabulous are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a metre of each last week when we went to Milton Keynes for the day. Not sure what I shall be doing with them, I just bought them because I liked them and if I hadn’t, then somebody else would have!!!
I did get the top one for mum but she turned it down!! Think she might have a re-think after seeing it again!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!
I am popping over on monday next week to take an item of clothing back, think I might have another wander over to the shop where they are!!!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!
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5 Responses to >BET YOU WISH YOU HAD THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Di says:

    >Wow, where did you get them????????

  2. Anonymous says:

    >The crushed raspberry looks verry nice, NN! When is your next giveaway?hehehe.Cheeky question- how much a metre??Caz x

  3. jan says:

    >I am going to have some aren't I? They are just soooo gorgeous.Caz I think they were £5 metre.

  4. maggi says:

    >They are fantastic. And not expensive either. Well done you.

  5. Net's Place says:

    >Di, the shop was John Lewis!!Caz, they will never be a giveaway!!!!! hahahahaha!!! £5 a metreMum, yep, you were right!!Maggi, I am the bargain bird!!!

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