>Am sorry I didn’t manage to get on here friday night like I said I would, but when I got in from work all I wanted to do was to sit down and have a cup of tea and then go to bed!!!

So, the lucky people are by the special drawing method used by Reb!!

Pat, Caz, Margaret S, Greg and Tonya!!

Email me your addresses please then your package will be on it’s way to you!!

Thank you to everybody else who entered and I am sorry your name wasn’t drawn, but there will definitely be a next time and it could be sooner than you think!!!!!


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2 Responses to >OWNERS FOUND!!

  1. Pat says:

    >I sent you an email…….as I'm not sure if I'm the Pat who won or if it was another Pat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks for making me a winner. Don't have your email address so have PM you on PP website.Margaret S

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