>CRACKING ON!!!!!!!!!


Am making some really good progress with a couple of my UFO’S!! Just got the last border to do on the flower vase project and have made a start on my waterfall quilt! I will do some sewing this week!

Have been looking for the Red, White and Blue block that I made to make sure i’d cut the pattern out right, not much luck yet so will carry on today and hopefully put a piccie up later as it is fab and I can’t wait to have a whole quilt done of it!!! Why does a R,W,B quilt look so clean and fresh????? And I wonder how long before we manage to get chocolate on it!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy sewing everyone!
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2 Responses to >CRACKING ON!!!!!!!!!

  1. >Hi NNMy guess for how long you take to get chocolate on it….the first time you eat chocolate while under the quilt heehee!M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Net's Place says:

    >Yep, I think that would be about right M!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!:-)))))))

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