Blowing out the candles!
Either too much cake or Bucks Fizz!!!!

Gotta get the new film on quick!!

Posh birthday quilt made by Nana.

Wish my oven could bake a cake that big!!!

Birthday goodies!

New wardrobe!!

Very pink posh bag made by Auntie Suzanne!!
As you can see Reb had a lot of lovely presents and a really nice birthday, apart from being at school for most of it!!!
The only sad news is the cake has all gone! Boohoo!!!

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3 Responses to >BIRTHDAY!

  1. Pat says:

    >LOVELY gifts. Oh, Annette…got my package today…thanks!!! I LOVE all the greens and the flying geese, too!

  2. >WOW……looks like she had a terrific birthday. Wii Sports Resort is awesome, she'll love it.

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Pat, glad you got and glad you like!!! Hope they will be of some use to you.Hi Tonya, she did thanks, and can't wait to see her on it, am sure it will be a bit of a giggle!!!!

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