> This is the fabric I decided to use to cover my machine with, chose a light colour so if it fades it’s not the end of the world!! It will be dust free now! Hurrah!

This is the red and cream block I made for mum’s group for the block lotto today. Some ladies make a block, then they vote and the winner gets to win so many blocks of their choosing and other winner’s get their choice of what is left. I have been lucky to win a previous time, it’s good fun!

This is the block I made for Jytte. Am really pleased with how it turned out as it was my first time at machine applique, and I know exactly what I shall be working on next with that style of sewing!
And, finally, this is the pattern I chose!! Well done to you all for guessing right!!! I knew when I put it up that quite a lot of you would guess, as Pinwheel’s are my fave!!!! I shall sort out the little prizes for you in the week!!!! I must make it harder next time!!!
I won’t even ask you to guess what i’m working on at the moment, as that is far too easy!!! Hahahahaha!!
Happy sewing! :-)))))))))
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3 Responses to >BLOCKS AND THE ONE I CHOSE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. >Oh my, I was so wrong….as I didn't guess pinwheels. Oh well, I like this too

  2. maggi says:

    >Lovely blocks. Can't wait to see the pinwheel quilt finished.

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Thanks Tonya.xxNeither can I Maggi, not too sure how I shall quilt it yet, so could be a while before you see it again!!!xx

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