And off we go!
And i said……

Let’s look on the map!!

An old Tree

I’m the tallest!!

Wish that was our transportation round the forest!!

We want this cottage!!

Reb found the entrance to get to it!!

The start to the Tree-Top Walk

What’s he doing Mummy???

Hold on then!!

It’s a long way down!!

We got to climb up that!!

What a view!! It was lovely and quiet up there too!

We have had two busy days so far on this week holiday!! Yesterday we went to Birmingham with Mum, just to go to the Rag Market and so Reb could go to Build-a-Bear!!! Yes, she bought herself another stuffed animal, this time it was a Tiger!!! Had a good wander and bought a few bits and pieces, some sparkly things, not too sure what I shall use them for but am sure we can’t get stuff like that on our market! We even got a seat on the train home, bonus!!

Today, we went out to Salcey Forest in Northampton with my sister, Suzanne. Went in the red car which is a bit of a posing car, as all the blokes who see it want it!! Hahahahaha!! So, we were going for a Tree-Top walk, and ended up walking the 6 miles around the forest, cos we couldn’t find the walk!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Finally found the car park, sat and had lunch then went down a different path and found the TTW!!!!! It was wicked!!! The walkway moved as we strutted up it, so Suzanne decided to run on it and it felt as though we were on a trampoline, the other people on it didn’t like it that much!!! Shame!! Think we were really trying to catapult them into the forest way down below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got to the top and it was fab! At that height you could really put the fairy on the top of the tree!!! Gorgeous weather too!

We also saw a female Deer, and Reb loved that, as it was the first one she had ever seen!! Unfortunately we couldn’t get a piccie of it as it was too far in and by the time i’d switched my camera on the little minx had gone!!
So after a good hike this morning, Reb had swimming this afternoon!!!! She was jumping in the deep-end and swam two whole lenghts with a float!!! GO REB!!!!! Next week, they’ve got to do it without floats!!! You wouldn’t even catch me standing near the deep-end!! She’s definitely like Suzanne!!
Am hoping to find some sewing to do this weekend for when I come home from work, at the moment it looks like I shall be locating the whereabouts of my table again first!!!!!!!!
Happy sewing!!


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4 Responses to >DAYS OUT!!

  1. jan says:

    >Great pictures, that looks a smashing place to go, we used to go many years ago, before we were married! Time to go again methinks, I would like to do that TTW. Love the little cottage, has to be the gamekeeper's I would have thought.

  2. >how cool…..it's odd seeing such flat land from the top of that tree….we live in the mountains

  3. sheppeylass says:

    >That looks like fun! Love Reb's pic too. :)Fiona.

  4. cookie says:

    >those are great pictures. Looks like you had fun.

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