Had to take a piccie oF these, as think they are fab!!
the rest of them

Reb’s in charge to find the way back!!

Lovely view!

Cute little carving

Love this picture

I loved the tree

Reb with Hedwig
These pictures above are of Brixworth Country Park, where we went to have a picnic last week, mum’s idea, and a rather splendid one at that, even better as mum did the picnic!!!
Isn’t it nice to have someone to make your lunch for you!
The weather was fab, as you can tell, so nice to be able to see a big area of water, makes you think you are at the seaside!!
Thanks mum and dad for taking us there.xxx

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  1. >I love your new header, so cute! Reb looks adorable. Looks like a great day! It's hot as he** here today. In the 90's and very humid. yukk

  2. maggi says:

    >Lovely photos in this and the previous post. Thank you for sharing your fun days with us all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >What a super time you had it looks super,joan

  4. jan says:

    >We will have to do it again…I wonder if old Mrs. Grump met back up with her husband!!!!!

  5. Cath says:

    >Great pics NN, it looks like my sort of place too.

  6. Net's Place says:

    >Thank you all for looking at our pictures and leaving lovely comments. We had a lovely week, lots of outings and nice weather, makes a change!!

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