Ready and waiting….
The backing fabric, you can see I just quilted in the ditch

Love it looking puffy

Close up of fancy stitch along edge

Well!! I am really pleased with what I managed to get done today! I quilted in the ditch of the tumblers and then decided to try a fancy stitch on the edge, and the good news is I like it!! Just have to work out now what I am going to do in the border, if anything, as it is going for the puffy look at the mo, and I am happy with that. It isn’t that big, a very small lap quilt or wall hanging, not too sure what I shall do with it when I have finished it, but am sure that is a bit of a way off for now! The backing fabric came from my friend M, as she has a fabulous market stall which sells them so cheaply, that we are in constant supply!!! Thanks M.x

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4 Responses to >TUMBLERS!

  1. jan says:

    >Smart quilting, which machine did you use?Like the new blog layout.

  2. maggi21 says:

    >It looks great and I love the fancy stitching. Your new blog look is so calm, brilliant.

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Mum, I used Petal for quilting, (my one). Need to read the manual of how Beryl attaches her big foot!!!! Hahahahaha!!! I like the layout too! :-))Hi Maggi, Thank you, am loving the green, might have to paint my bedroom, then I can be calm and go back to sleep when I should be up!!!! :-))

  4. >Love this design NN and the backing fabric is perfect Well done mate!M xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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