>BRRMM BRRMM BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> How cool is this!!!! When Mum and I went to town monday, we had a scoot about in some charity shops, I thought some things were really expensive, but that’s just the way it is here! Mum then met her friend Pat yesterday and came back with this little money box for me, brrmm brmm beep beep!! I love it!! Thanks Mum.xxx

Have decided to use it for next’s years money stash for FOQ!!! Am really looking forward to opening this year’s money box, only a few more weeks then I can!!! I really hope I have managed to save a bit of money!! I can’t remember how much I took last year, but am sure I ran out of dosh, so I must make sure I have plenty this year!!! Does anybody else run out of money at a quilt show???


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4 Responses to >BRRMM BRRMM BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. >Love the car. Looks like a mini cooper. My husband was going to buy one shortly before we got engaged. He gave up this car to buy me an engagement ring. How sweet! lol I've never been to a quilt show. I want to go so bad. Every time I try to find one in my area, they are already passed or 2 months away. Have fun and I hope you saved loads.

  2. jan says:

    >We shall soon see when we do the grand opening. I don't think I have put a lot in mine, but then you never know do you? Not long now.mum xYou forgot to say this was only £1.oo Bargain!

  3. Susan says:

    >Oh how cute is your money box. I am so jealous lol I am not going to the FOQ this year, my pennies just didn't stretch that far. Nevermind there's always next year and I might just get myself a cute little money box to save up for it. hugs Susan

  4. sheppeylass says:

    >I'm off to Sandown on Sunday – no shopping list as yet as this week's been so busy but you can guarantee I'll have at least one full bag for the coach home! I'm only taking cash and NO cards so that I'll have some left for FOQ. I'm staying there – how much fabric do you reckon I'll be able to "hide" in my case????Fiona. 🙂

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