> The same bag as below, but this one was made for one of Reb’s teacher’s as she was retiring after 27 years, I decided to make it for her as she had been so nice to Reb and was very happy with all the scrap fabrics we sent over the school for their art work. Her favourite colour was green too!! That woman has taste!!!

A blue shopping bag which I made, just to see if I could follow the pattern!! I love the fabric!

Some more goodies bought at mum’s group!! Just liked the colours so had to get them! And the pins will come in handy for big quilts, when I finally get round to doing some of them!!

I haven’t been on here for quite a while, as school was a manic last week and then we have both been ill, so haven’t felt like doing anything, so I do apologise for being a lazy moo!! I will try to do better throughout the holiday!! So many piccies to put up here, will add some more later as don’t wish to bore you all straight away!

Today I am attempting to make a bag for a swap I am in, am at the quilting stage at the moment, so must clear off and crack on with it as it has to go all the way to Germany before the Festival of Quilts!! Which starts 19th August, that’s how far I am behind!!! Good job i’m on holiday this week, I shall get it done, just probably not today!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Enjoy your day everyone and happy sewing!!

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3 Responses to >BAGS AND MORE PURCHASES!!!!!!

  1. cookie says:

    >Hi Annette, glad you are feeling better. Happy to hear that you are working on my bag :-).Cant wait to put my eyes on it. Looking forward to receive it. Kerstin

  2. Cath says:

    >Two lovely bags there Annette, Reb's teacher is one lucky lady!

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Kerstin, Good news, I have finished your bag and will be posting it tomorrow to you!!! Really hope you like it and it is 'big' enough for you!!! xxHi Cath, thank you, Reb's teacher was lovely so we felt she deserved something nice! xx

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