This is what Reb wore to her Leaver’s disco the last week of term at Primary school, looks very grown up!!!
The girl’s together, if only they had always been like this towards Reb, it would have made things so much easier for her, as a few in this picture were quite nasty at times.

Some of the motley crew!!! They all had a fab time before they even went into the disco, so busy posing!!! Especially the boys!! Reb looks so small compared to the rest of them doesn’t she!!!

The very last day, not too sure what they were looking at but they look really happy!!
Cannot believe it is August already and she will be starting her new school next month!!!!
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3 Responses to >REB’S PICCIES!!

  1. Pat says:

    >Cute pictures!!!

  2. >girls can be so nasty, i never want to re live my school days, EVER she's a cutie and i'm sure she's strong, hang in there REB

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Thank you ladies for your comments, I am hoping she will have a fab time at her new school, not long to go now!!!

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