>I am so bad at keeping up with my blog at the moment!! Am finding it hard to do anything at the moment as I am enjoying not being woken up by the alarm, making a packed lunch and walking up the hill to school!!! How lazy is that!!!

Normally, when it is a school day I am really motivated and get lots done, because I have to before I pick Reb up from school, at the moment though I can wake up when I want and then I just seem to turn into a potato and don’t want to do anything apart from just sit and think about what I should be doing!!!

I know it is really bad and I am wasting so much sewing time, but the other thing is I don’t know what I want to do regarding sewing at the moment!

I need inspiration.

I got some earlier today though when I opened my cupboard door and all the fabric fell out on me!!! Abused I was by my own stash!!! So I spent a bit of time sorting that lot out, it is all tidy now and the door is shut!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Until next time when I shall have something more to say apart from moaning about my laziness!!!


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4 Responses to >LAZY!!!!!!

  1. Pat says:

    >I think we all have days like that. I know I do!

  2. >it's ok to be lazy, take advantage of it

  3. maggi says:

    >Enjoy being lazy, you have deserved it.

  4. Net's Place says:


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