>Yesterday we went to Birmingham NEC to a show called The Festival of Quilts. I bought the ticket for Mum for Mother’s Day, so she had a bit of a wait until her present finally arrived!! But, I have to say looking at the above picture I think she was definitely in her element!! I have never seen Mum with such a HUGE smile on her face after she had finished playing with the long arm!!! I just wish I had the money to buy you one!!

Some free-hand feather’s going on here!! All Mum needed was a bit of Robbie singing in the background and am sure she would have used all that fabric up!!!

Look who else had a go on it!!! Reb was having a whale of a time, she was whizzing all over the fabric, straight over Nana’s feathers!!! That girl stops for no-one!!! Go Reb!!
Oh No!! I know that look!! She wants one!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

After all that sewing and walking around, it was a nice quiet journey home!! Mum read the paper, Reb had my MP3 on and I gazed out the window!! Brilliant day out and plenty of goodies to show you……………………but, that will be next time!!!!!
Happy belated Mother’s Day Mum!!xxx
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  1. >how cool is that? while you are buying long arm machines, get me one too

  2. maggi says:

    >Glad you all had a great day. Lovely to meet you at last, and Mr Scrappy is happy in his new home, much loved, thanks.

  3. Angela says:

    >It was great to meet you all again :o) I've sent my photos to your mum that I took of Reb :o) xx

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Tonya, if i could i would buy you one!!xxMaggi, lovely to meet you too, and glad Mr Scrappy has got a nice new home!xxAngela, lovely to meet you again! Am working on your owl too!! Will look forward to seeing the piccies, thanks!xx

  5. Susan says:

    >Hi NetSounds like the FOQ was a great day out. I did not manage to go this year. How awful about the quilt it is hard to believe that someone would actually take a quilt. I hope it is returned to its rightful owner. Love the goodies you bought. xx

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