> I bought this book and special ruler as I really liked the look of the quilt in the bottom right of the picture!! I promised the lady who showed me how to use it that I would make it and email a picture to her, it might take me a while but it was fabulous, so I will give it a bash at some point!!

These fabrics were £4 a metre, how could I not buy them when they are just crying out for a place in my cupboard!

This fab three also £4 a metre, I saw them first and then mum snaffled them too!! What can I say I have taste!!! M, am sharing some with you flower!!!

These fabrics are called Ravenwood by Makower, saw them a while back on Bramble Patch site but wanted to see them for real, so liked ’em and ended up buying ’em!!!! Hehehehe!!

Some batiks for £1 a fat quarter. Bargain!! Don’t you just love the colours!!! No idea what I shall use them for but hey, I needed to top up my stash!!

And lastly, these bad boys are for my quilt that I shall be making one day!!! I just need to add to the collection and then I can commence operation Kaffe Fassett Fonthill Quilt!! Google it, it’s gorgeous and one day I shall have my own!!!!
So, as you can tell I had a superb spend, lots of lovely goodies to drool over and plan to use one day. Reb made some purchases too, we got home and they went straight in her stash box! No photo opportunity there i’m afraid! Hehehehehe!!
Am really looking forward to next year’s show now, have started saving already! The money which I didn’t spend has now gone in the pot to get it rolling again!! Am hoping to take a bit more next year! Hahahahaha!!
All I need now is the time to start sewing again, and that won’t be until Reb goes back to school, so just a bit longer then it will be all system’s go and panicking over what to do first!!!
Happy sewing to those of you who have the time!!
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One Response to >MY GOODIES FROM THE FOQ!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >What great goodies! I particularly love the Kaffe Fassett FQs and am intrigued by the book and ruler – can't wait to see your version!H x

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