> Can you help???

This quilt was stolen from the FOQ in Birmingham last week. If anybody knows it’s whereabouts could you go to http://www.popularpatchwork.com/ as all the information is on there.

Reb and I saw this quilt and found it really funny as it resembles some of our neighbours!! Let’ s try and see if it can be found and returned to it’s rightful owner!

Thanks everyone!


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5 Responses to >STOLEN QUILT

  1. Angela says:

    >Why would anyone do that???

  2. Anonymous says:

    >How disgraceful…like Angela I can't imagine why anyone would walk off with a quilt that didn't belong to them, especially as they must have some appreciation of the time, effort and love that goes into making a quilt, not to mention the money! I hope it's found soon and that the thief is properly ashamed of their actions…H

  3. jan says:

    >Post it on your Blogs girls and maybe she will get it back.

  4. >*Unbelievable that someone steals a quilt… thats' pretty sad…..All your neighbors are trying to figure out which of these you think looks like them!

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