As you can probably tell, we went away last week to Devon with my sister, Suzanne. Had a lovely 4 days in the caravan, nice weather and lots of food and drink!!! Oh and laughter!!!
Had to take a piccie of the roundabout down by the beach!! Think this is a fab way to use up old bikes that are no longer needed!! If I had a garden i’d probably do the same!!!
Can you see that lovely bit of blue in the background!!!

Of course Reb had to have some chips sitting on the beach, it is traditional of course!!! They were very nice too, Suzanne and I had to finish the few off that she left!!

Lovely view to the right of us!

Lovely to the left of us!!

I took a little bit of sewing with us, just to do in the evenings at the caravan, as there is no clubhouse, which is fab! We had so much peace and quiet it was lovely! The fabrics were given to me a long time ago, just scraps which I turned into this, all I had to do was stitch the binding down and now it needs a new home. Am sure it won’t be long before it gets used.
Tomorrow is a big day here for us, If you can guess what it is the first person to guess right will get a small prize consisting of a fat quarter and reel of posh thread!! Good luck!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Rebs new school good luck Rebjoanx

  2. jan says:

    >You beat me to it Joan, yes of course, Rebecca goes off to her new 'BIG' school. Where have all those years gone? Jan/mum/nana

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Have a great day, Reb! Love Fiona and Isabella:)

  4. Rosa-Munda says:

    >Have fun at your new school Rebecca. Hope you meet lots of new friends. Ros x

  5. Di says:

    >Have a lovely day at your new school Rebecca. Jeff sends his love as well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Hope you have had a good first day at your new school Reb.joanx

  7. Helen says:

    >I'm hoping that this is going to be third time lucky for posting this comment!!I hope Reb has had a lovely first day and that she's made lots of wonderful friendsLove H x

  8. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Everyone,Thank you all for the lovely comments you left for us, will show Reb when she comes home tomorrow and she can read them all. She's zonked at the moment, hehehehe!!! A bigger school means more classrooms to walk round and a further walk in the mornings = bedtime sorted!!!! :-)))

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