Wonder what’s in this package?
Big box!

I love bubble wrap!!

Yay!! Petal has had a baby!!

What a month!!!

Cannot believe how long it has been since I did my blog! Lots to show you all, but probably not all in one sitting, wouldn’t want you to get dizzy with the page whizzing down!!

Reb was having a bit of a time with some little strumpets at school, I wanted to smack em one but had to step back as it would only have made things worse for Reb and that wouldn’t have solved anything, fingers crossed they appear to be leaving her alone at the moment, mind you they see me waiting for her sometimes and cross further down the road, which I think is highly amusing, so I keep moving down the road too to make them go that little bit further!!! Hahahaha!!

Reb’s teacher is very nice and we had a first parent’s evening to let us know how the children are settling into school, the taecher was very impressed with Reb, and said she is such a helpful and lovely girl, with beautiful manners and attitude! felt like saying to her you should see her at home sometimes!!! Hahahahahaha!! But then we all have to have our bad days don’t we!

I have been doing a few extra hours at work as the other lady who works in the canteen has been off sick for 3 months, even though in this time she has been on holiday and moved house!! She had time off for stress!!! She’ll need more time off for it when she comes back by the time I’ve finished with her!!! Lazy trout!!! If she can move sodding house when she’s off then she can damn well get her backside back to work and cook a few dinners.

Have managed to do some sewing inbetween moaning and grunting at things! Had a wonderful package delivered the other week, a total bargain off Ebay!! I wanted an extension table for my Janome, on their site it was £71.00 so I had a bit of a butchers round and found one on Ebay for £12.00 and £7.50 postage. So what did I do! Have it of course!!! It’s huge! Am really pleased with it and it does make things a whole lot easier regarding the quilting! 🙂

Am looking forward to having a week off soon, 7 days of waking up when I want and doing what I want! Bliss!!!

So for now, I am off to make some Banana cake and have a cup of tea and crack on with some quilting whilst am singing away!!! It’s gonna be a good productive day!!


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4 Responses to >CATCH UP!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >lovely to see you about, how dare those horrid kids have a go at Reb but they seem to be everywhere, they will soon get fed up … if not punch their lights out for an hour … not that I am violent.. and while your at it, sounds as if your work woman needs the same medicine,, I'm not violent honest truly, all mouth really, but you know what I mean,

  2. Cath says:

    >Kids can be sooo cruel sometimes, but sadly it's all part of growing up I suppose. Reb will be all the stromger and self assured for it eventually though. I know exactly how you feel about your work colleague too! There is always one, or in my case two who seem to take the **** at work, AND, more annoyingly get away with it!!!

  3. >Kids i know my grandchildren have had problems at one time or another makes you wonder what they are like at home.Yes if the lady can move that is stressful on it own she can get back to work Well done on the bargain for the JanomeHugs Janice

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Ladies,Thanks for leaving the comments, Reb is okay at the moment and wonder woman at work is back!!! Hehehehehe!! Hurrah!!! :-)))

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