I wonder how tall it is??
Nice open space!

Hi All,

Have been reading other people’s blogs and decided to show some pictures of our Autumn trees, not as bright as in America, but still lovely to look at.
These were all on our walk up to the supermarket yesterday, I couldn’t get my two favourite trees though as all the leaves had fallen off, so I shall get there earlier next year!!!

Have been having a lovely relaxing week off work, had a lie in every day!! Plodding along doing whatever I have wanted to do, am going to find it really hard on Monday to get up early and in the swing of things!! Boohoo!!!

Have finished my Fruit Cocktail quilt and am really pleased with how it looks as whilst I was quilting it I was beginning to think why did I make this??? But, am pleased to say it is on my kitchen wall at the moment and looks OK!!! I just need to extend the pole a bit as it’s kind of rammed up there!! Hahahahaha!! Still plenty more tops to be made and so much fabric it is unreal!!! Reb has banned me from buying anymore unless I absolutely need it! Hahahahaha!!! Think I absolutely must go and have a look at some whilst she is tucked up in bed!!! :-))

I shall wish you all a Happy Halloween and wander off to look at some pumpkin coloured fabrics!!!!!! Don’t tell Reb!!!!


p.s. I will post the piccies of my cocktail quilt later!!
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3 Responses to >AUTUMN TREES!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >The pictures are great, so pleased you have had a super week, and you enjoyed yourself.Can't wait to see your cocktail quilt , and if you find you have not the room for it , I know a gal who has, Tee hee lolMmmmmm Now I wonder who that is loljoanx

  2. Cath says:

    >Looking forward to seeing your cocktail quilt NN….will you be having a cocktail to celebrate finishing it? What a lovely walk you have to get to the supermarket, better than having to plough through traffic eh!

  3. Net's Place says:

    >Joan, Hahahahaha!!!Cath, It is nice when it's a pleasant day, not much fun walking bag when it's raining though with soggy shopping!!!:-))

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