>Well, where does the time go???? I did clean my cooker and incase you were wondering it didn’t take me all week!! Hahahaha!! That would mean I really was a lazy moo wouldn’t it if it took me that long!!!

I have been working on my huge green quilt, and am quite pleased with the progress so far, reckon it will be finished this month which will be good, as might need it on my bed!!

I have been good and haven’t ordered any fabric so far, and I shall continue as I really don’t need anymore this year! It is nice to look though, but I will refrain, else I shall have Reb telling me off, besides I need my money now for christmas pressies and bills!! Boring I know but there is always next year!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Am off now to whizz the iron over a small pile of clothes, then back to Petal!!!! At least I shall be warm under the quilt!!!

Enjoy your day!!


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3 Responses to >BEING GOOD!!!!

  1. Tonya says:

    >can't wait to see the huge green quilt finished…i don't need any more fabric either, but i love it

  2. maggi21 says:

    >That's why it is so nice to quilt at this time of the year, you get to snuggle as you work. Ovens need cleaning??

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