Nice and Warm!!
This is the bargain backing fabric, £2 a mtr!!

Little bit of both!!

Close up of quilting

Well, here I am again, over a week later!!! Naughty!!

But, I have been busy as I have finished my big green quilt which I mentioned before, and at this precise moment it is on my bed and that is where it is going to stay for the remainder of this year and possibly into next year too!!!! So glad it’s a biggie!!

Not much else to chat about as too engrossed in I’m a Celebrity at the moment, I love this month every year as it’s the one time when I know that there is something on the tele that I actually look forward to watching and because i’ve paid my licence fee it’s about time there was something decent on to watch!!!

Waiting for the snow to appear as we seem to be the only area in which it hasn’t arrived yet!! Just want an excuse to get my funky moon boots out!!! Woohoo!

Have a good ‘warm’ day!!


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4 Responses to >LOVE A BIG QUILT!!

  1. Susan says:

    >Hi Annette I love your big green quilt. I put my wonder block quilt on our bed last night and I agree it will not be coming off in the very near future. Thats the beauty of quilts there so snuggley and warm and such a comfort x

  2. Cath says:

    >Just what you need at the moment NN, a lovely big quilt to snuggle under! We've not had any snow here yet either!!

  3. maggi says:

    >Wonder if the snow reached you yesterday, if not would you like some of ours? The quilt looks great and finished just in time for the temperatures plummeting.

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. Yes it is staying on my bed as it is so heavy and that warm it is fab!!! Really do not like the alarm disturbing me!!The only snow we have had so far Maggi is a light dusting!! Which will probably be pure ice tomorrow!!! Nice. :-))

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