>Today is my birthday!!!! and I am now 37 years old!!!! Woohoo!!! Strange because I still think i’m 25!!! Hahahaha!!! Never was any good at maths!! :-))

I didn’t go out anywhere as Reb had been ill over weekend so let her have time off from school to make sure she is better, (which she is and is going back tomorrow). Mum came over to have lunch and spend some time with us, we played on the Wii, that was fun!! Can’t wait to have another go on that!!

Then I decided to watch a film in the afternoon, which I never normally do! So some ‘age’ thing must have told me to do it!!! Hahahahaha!! I stuck on The Polar Express with the surround sound on quite loud, and it was wicked!! If I was on my own it would have been much louder!! :-))

Made a cake, opened lots of lovely pressies and squishy packages, drank wine and just chilled all day!! Perfect!!!

Will post the piccies hopefully tomorrow as can’t seem to reduce the size at the mo, so will have to look into that one.

Hope you all had a lovely last day of November!! I know I did!!


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4 Responses to >MY BIRTHDAY!!

  1. Tonya says:

    >glad your birthday was grand and glad Reb is feeling better, I think she passed it along to me

  2. Pat B says:

    >Belated happy birthday, sounds like you had a blast! Glad to hear Reb is feeling better now, but sorry she was poorly in the first place. What sort of cake did you make?

  3. Helen says:

    >Happy birthday, NN!! Glad you had a fabulous day and that Reb is feeling better…I was also playing on the Wii yesterday, with my friend's 5 year old – he beat me hands down at baseball, I couldn't hit for toffee!!! Enjoy the snow…I wouldn't be surprised to see the polar express on my street ;o)

  4. Net's Place says:

    >Hi Pat,Just had one of my normal chocolate cakes, didn't feel like making anything fancy as Reb was ill and didn't want her to add to it!!!! :-))))

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