Big handmade card and gorgeous pompom scarf from very expensive shop bought for me by Reb!!xxx

Super speedy upgraded computer with Windows 7 ultimate!! bought for me by Mum.xxx

Downton Abbey DVD from Dad.xxx

Green bracelet, book and money from my friend Zana.xx
Wine, crisps, necklace, jelly beans and NEXT giftcard from Suzanne & Richard.xxx

The ‘Pisa Pile’

Lots of lovely cards

Gorgeous ‘dotty’ fabrics!


Didn’t I get some lovely pressies and lots of them!!! All the fabrics were from a group I was in on Popular Patchwork. It was a birthday club which was organised by mum, we all received lots of squishes through the post, and we can make what ever we want with them, which is cool as it gives us lots of fun times to be had in deciding and planning. :-))

Am loving my speedy puta!!! It has got loads on it which I don’t know what it’s all for, but Reb does!!! So she can teach me!! Hahahahaha!! It took me a while to work out how to alter the size of my pictures, but think I have cracked it now! Huge thank you’s MUM!!

Am looking forward to watching all of my Downton Abbey DVD in one go, which will probably be starting next week as all my programmes are finishing this weekend!! Boohoo!! Looking forward to watching Dame Maggie Smith again!! And am sure the wine and crisps will come in handy for those 6 hours and 4 mins!!!!

Everybody has commented on my scarf and wants to squidge it! I tell them to get their hands off me balls!!!! It is so warm!! I love it!!!
Am going to put my christmas decs up on monday hopefully. They have all been shoved in the corner of the room at the moment, defrosting!! Probably won’t put everything up as it seems to take ages, but no doubt I shall change my mind when I actually get started on it!!
Not much sewing is taking place it seems, as just manic and I don’t know why!!! I really want to get some done but it just doesn’t seem to happen, grrrrrrrrrrr!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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  1. Tonya says:

    >wow, now that's a birthday. we have those kettle chips over here too, so good……glad you had a good birthday

  2. maggi says:

    >Glad that you had such a good birthday. Lots of lovely pressies for you to enjoy you lucky girl.

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