Here is the pink door, finally in it’s proper place!!!
Above is a quilt I made for a little girl called Elise. This started as a UFO, (look further down, it is in the red circular container, tuesday 4th jan!)

A close up of one of the girlie’s

The back, am really pleased as it is totally flat and no puckers!!!! YAY!!!

Okay, this is my stash of quilt’s I have made on top of the wardrobe, just a few, they aren’t all big monsters!!

And guess what you can do with a canvas wardrobe!!!! Voila, one design wall!!! Happy with that!

As you can see I have been a bit busy on the ole sewing front, makes a change as I’m normally slobbing around thinking about sewing!! But because my puta was faffing around it meant I could crack on. Am really pleased with Elise’s quilt and she loved it as does her mum so all is good there! Most of it was all the scraps from previous quilt’s I have made for Reb, so that cleared out a bit of pink, which will probably not get replaced as I don’t do pink anymore!!! Time to move onto a different colour. :-))

Loving the homemade design wall, who knew that a wardrobe could be used for so many purposes, hahahaha!!! At the moment I am having to use pins but I will sort out a bit of fleece or flannelette to attach to it, that way I can just lob it on without having to drop pins all the time, I might have fluffy clouds in my head but sometimes the light does shine through them with inspiration!!!! Hahahahaha!!
The quilt top on the wardrobe/wall is another UFO, which I started in July 2009, the only reason I know the month is because it is one we did at Mum’s sewing group. Have attached all the borders now and just have to sort out some backing fabric and away I go, can’t wait as this one will be mine as really like the colours and have enjoyed making it so far, think it will just be a lap sized quilt as have run out of the fabrics for it and can’t get them anymore, that will teach me to make sure I buy enough for a project!!! Not to worry though as patchwork is all about just using what you’ve got isn’t it! And am sure that no one would dare say to me ‘oh you shouldn’t have used that fabric!’ As I’d most probably smack ’em one in the face!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!
Today, I thought it was saturday for some reason as I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed! realised it was a school day, eek, but I was listening to the radio and some lady had phoned in about her friend saying that she was going to follow Neil Diamond on a tour which will take her to New Zealand, Australia and quite a few other places, and she is going by herself and is 70 years old!!! I thought you go girl!!! So it just goes to show you don’t always need someone to be happy, so long as you are happy yourself, then do it!!! I hope that I will be like that when I am her age, but obviously not following Neil Diamond, more Michael Buble!!! Oh yes, I will be there!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Am really looking forward to this weekend as I am on holiday, so two lovely lie in’s are coming my way, Reb and I are going to have Roast Beef on sunday, we are not going anywhere just staying at home, chilling out with a bottle of Bucks Fizz and watching film’s and hopefully doing whatever we want!!! Bliss!!! Cannot wait!!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone whatever you are doing!!!

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2 Responses to >BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

  1. cookie says:

    >Hi Annette, cool. You did a lot. Elise will love her new Quilt and I would love to go through your stash of Quilts, just to look.hugs Kerstin

  2. maggi says:

    >A lovely quilt for Elise and great quilting, no wonder she loved it. I am really taken with the one on the design wall too.

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