Mmmmm! I wonder what is in here??
Nice bit of red tape!!


Can’t wait to see it!!


How lucky am I!

This lovely bundle of goodies came from Kerstin in Germany. I am so pleased with the mug rug, it is such lovely colours and I feel very spoilt with all the extra items that were in the package. Thank you so much Kerstin, they are gorgeous.

I am making my mug rug for Maggi and I hope to get it done this week!!! Sorry for the delay!! Am looking forward to playing with some fancy stitches!
Happy sewing everyone!

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2 Responses to >BROWN PACKAGE!

  1. cookie says:

    >Hi Annette, Im happy it made it and that you like it. Enjoy the goodies. But due share with Reb. Kerstin

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Gorgeous! Fiona.Wish I'd thought of the water repellant – will try it on my table runner that seems to be forever in the wash! šŸ™‚

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