Whoops! I have been neglecting my blog yet again, but I have been very busy, just not in the sewing department.

Since I have been at my job, I have been saving my money and decided to buy myself my very own 3 seater sofa!! As I have never bought my own sofa before, when we moved in to our flat, mum and dad gave me their’s and it has lasted here for 10 years, it was beginning to look a little tatty and worn, not surprising as it does get a bit of a hammering from both of us!! It has served the purpose though!! :-))

I am really excited, as it is brown leather so it will be as though I am laying on a slab of chocolate, yummy!! There is one slight problem…. it won’t be here until MAY!! :-(((((

So me being me thought it would be a good idea to get rid of old sofa and chair, move my bed into the lounge so I could decorate my bedroom, that way I would have more room to slap some paint on the walls!!! So, last week that is what I did! I had wallpaper on, so just fancied anew colour than lilac, so I chose Magnolia. “FOUR” coats later on each wall and I was totally fed up with it all, the reason being that I had bought the wrong paint!! D’oh!! I bought Vinyl Silk and didn’t realise that the wallpaper had a slight sheen on it, so everytime I put the roller on it, it just did a lovely slide action and didn’t particulary cover well!! GRRRRR!! Then I couldn’t find half the stuff I needed for the mornings to get ready, so downed tools and said that was it “I’m moving back in at weekend!” which I did and good old mum and dad have loaned me their chairs from the sunroom until my new squishy arrives!!!! Big thank you’s!! xx

All I need to do now is plan my new quilt for chocolate slab!! Am thinking flannel fabrics, nice and snuggly, and big enough that I can lay the full length with plenty to tuck around me should I fall off!!!! Hahahahaha!!

I did finish my pinwheel quilt last month, just never got round to posting the piccies up!! Here it is below. I love the colours and it is all puffed up with the quilting, fabulous!!

This is the backing fabric which I bought a long time ago, it is the perfect brown!! Think I must be having a chocolate phase at the mo!!

Gorgeous colours in this and my favourite pattern. Fabric is a Moda Charm pack which was bought for me a few years back for Christmas from Pat. Thank you Pat!! xx

Close up of fabrics and quilting, love it! :-))))

So, now I am all back in my room and it has been sorted, I can start sewing again and I cannot wait as it has been nearly a whole month without doing something nice!! Painting is not nice!! I have a project in mind, it is bright and it will get me moving and a grooving!!! So am off now to get cracking!!

Happy sewing!!


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5 Responses to >BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!

  1. jan says:

    >The walls look just fine, you fuss too much.

  2. >The best part about a chocolate couch is that it is calorie free 🙂

  3. maggi21 says:

    >Love the pinwheel quilt. At least freshly painted walls should make you feel good. Never thought of my leather sofa as lying on chocolate – I shall look at it in a different light from now on.

  4. Net's Place says:

    >I like the sound of a calorie free couch!!!! I want it now!!!!! Hahahaha!!!Walls are fine now, just needed to vent some anger!! :-)))Do it Maggi and enjoy!!!

  5. >LOVE THE BROWN!!! I find brown is highly underated… It is such a yummy color… (hello? Chocolate!) 😉 beautiful!

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