Cute card!

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Love it!! :-)))

These are my gorgeous gifts from Reb for me. Am really glad I got a box of maltesers as I hadn’t had one for ages and did drop several hints!! :-))))

Am proud of Reb as she bought them herself, went to town with Nana, and carefully chose them all. It just goes to show advertising people that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a gift especially when you are a child and you only get so much pocket money!! It’s not a competition to see who can buy the most expensive present!

Just get me a bag of chocolate peanuts, tealights and box of balls and I am well happy!!!

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5 Responses to >MOTHER’S DAY!

  1. maggi21 says:

    >She certainly is a daughter to be proud of. Glad you had a good day.

  2. sheppeylass says:

    >My kind of presents too! I had flowers from the garden and church, a homemade cake and vacuuming done for me. And a free afternoon to concentrate on sewing. Bliss!Be proud you're doing a good job on Reb.:)Fiona.

  3. cookie says:

    >how nice. I love maltesers also. You are absolute right about the money thing. Its the thought that counts and the love not how much money you can spend.

  4. Net's Place says:

    >It was so nice to enjoy the pressies after being at work for most of the day!!! She a top bird and know's exactly what I like!!

  5. jan says:

    >She knew exactly what to get and stuck to it. Used all her own money too.

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