Reb’s Birthday

Today is my daughter Rebecca’s birthday.  She is 12 on the 12th!!!  Woohoo!!  A special day as she won’t be that age again on her future birthday’s!!

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!  Love you lots, mummy.xxxxxxxxxxxx

More pictures to follow, once I know what I am doing!!!  Hahahaha!!

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2 Responses to Reb’s Birthday

  1. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday Rebecca, special day 12 on the 12th.
    Glad you liked all your prezzies you got some smashing ones.
    Mummy quickly had to open this blog cos stoopid Blogger not working….again…think I will have to swap too.
    Nana xxxxxxxx

  2. Maggi says:

    Sorry to have missed the day but happy belated wishes to Rebecca. Do stay with WordPress, its’ a great blogging platform. Always happy to provide hints etc. xx

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