What a week!

Well, am back!!  Had a bit of an eventful week last week, do not want it to be repeated!!  Everything is fine now so let’s get on with some pictures!!

It was half term a week ago and Reb and I went over to Milton Keynes for the day shopping.  Of course we popped into John Lewis just on the off chance to see if they had any jubbly fabrics, and guess what……. they did so I had to purchase some, hehehehehe!!  Being a nice daughter that I am I also bought mum two of the same fabrics that I had chosen so that there was no argument over who had what!!!

No 1

No 2

No 3

Aren’t they gorgeous!?!  Not sure what I shall do with them yet but they are tucked away safely in my stash for the time being!! 

So after that splendid splurge we then went into Pizza Express and we treated ourselves to lunch, two large Margherita’s (the pizza not the drink, unfortunately!!) and Reb had Chocolate Fudge Cake for dessert!!  She eat the lot! Go girl!!

I have also managed to finish my sofa quilt, I love it as it is so soft and snuggly and sooooooo warm!!!  Flannel on the back, wadding and flannel on the front! Hahahahaha!!  There is no way that when winter comes I am moving from that sofa now!! 🙂

Petal getting all cosy with the quilt!

Doesn’t it look perfect against the chocolate slab?!  Gorgeous.

This week I have joined in with a Mystery Monday Quilt blog, am really excited about this as you don’t know what it will be until it is finished, I have chosen all my fabrics which are these:

Have cut all the pieces out ready and shall be joining them as far as I can until the next set of instructions.  This is the web address if anyone else is interested.  I have even printed off some previous MM patterns as they are fabulous and can’t wait to start dipping into the stash!! Hahahahaha!


So for now as I have so much to do before Reb comes home, I shall make a move towards the ironing board and then hopefully later on I can sew!!!

Until next time!  :-)))  Happy sewing!!

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3 Responses to What a week!

  1. Maggi says:

    That is gorgeous fabrics, and what a lovely daughter you are. Bet Jan loves hers. The sofa quilt is fantastic, can see you snuggled under that. Glad you have joined MM5, I wondered if the ‘Annette’ was you. Love your fabric choice.

  2. Kerstin says:

    lovely Quilt you made for the couch.
    The fabric you picked up is great. I already seen it at your moms page.

  3. Ros Burton says:

    Annette, I love your flannel quilt – it just ‘feels’ so warm and cosy! Ros x

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