Clever Girl!!

Rebecca has now finished school for the summer holidays, seven weeks off and when she returns to her school it will be an academy instead of a secondary!!  It probably won’t make a lot of difference but we shall see, all I do know is that the uniform I bought her last year is now wasted as they are having a brand new and different one in september!!  Thanks for letting me waste quite a bit of money there then school!!!  I know I shouldn’t moan as they are supplying one complete set but it is beside the point, I now have a perfectly good two sets which are of no use, grrrrr! 

Anyway, before school broke, Reb was involved in a presentation evening, this was to celebrate their time and achievements at school, she had been selected for Science and ICT.  Am really proud of her, as she is definitely brill at ICT and was surprised about Science, as the only thing I liked about that subject was playing /using the bunsen burners!!  (gas taps were quite fun too!!!!) Hahahaha!!!

Clever girl in THAT uniform!!!

The certificates!

Well done Reb!  You keep up the good work and hopefully next year we can go again and see what you have achieved!!! XX

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7 Responses to Clever Girl!!

  1. Helen says:

    Wow, two achievement prizes and such wonderful comments, not only about her academic abilities but also her personality and manners – Reb is a credit to you! Please pass on my congratulations and admiration of her success! I hope she enjoys her holiday x P.S. Very annoying about the uniform!

  2. stashmaker says:

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks for reading and leaving a reply, I have showed Reb the message and she smiled!! 🙂 The uniform is at nana’s now, told her she can use it up there for helping in garden or just messing around in!!! Am sure I won’t give her a detention for messing it up!!! :-))

  3. Ros Burton says:

    Well done Rebecca. Two really great awards. Ros x

  4. joan says:

    Well done Rebecca, You are a clever girl, So & So about your uniform.

    enjoy your summer school break,


  5. Janet says:

    Well done Rebecca, Nan is very proud of you, as is Gagee. {{{{{{{{xxxxxxxx}}}}}}}}

  6. Janet says:

    That should be Nana of course……..must cut my nails…..

  7. Maggi says:

    Congratulations to Rebecca. Lots of opportunities in ICT and Science. No prizes for the school and the uniform issue though.

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