I have a few decisions to make at the moment.

One is, my Mystery Monday project, all the pieces are made and ready for joining together, it’s just that I have 8 different layouts and I can’t decide which one to choose!!!!  There is no rush I know, but don’t you just hate it when you um and ah and keep looking at it wondering what to do!

Two is, what can I do when all I want to do is nothing!!  It is the school holidays and our town is so rubbish, that I refuse to spend nearly £6 in bus fare just for a day out to it.  Reb is getting fed up already and all I want to do is sew, but that isn’t fair on her.  I really wish I could drive as am sure we would go to lots of places if so, (and have trips out to find new fabric shops!!) Hehehehehe!!  The only reason I don’t do it is because the insurance for me would be totally obscene as I would be a first time driver and I just think it would be such a waste of all the money for lessons if I could never afford to insure a car.  I know I could do it probably, because am sure I could drive better than some other drivers!!!  Plus, if my greek friend can do it and she is older than me am sure I could!!!  I need to win the lottery then my problem would be sorted!!  I’d employ a chauffeur!!!!

Three is, I want to start my Kaffe quilt but don’t have enough fabrics for it yet!!  Why is it, that this stupid country doesn’t stock many of his fabrics or is it that I just can’t find them???  A few other blogs that I read  have so many fabrics of his that I want to go to their house and raid it!!

Four is, Why do I sit for ages trying to work out how to quilt a quilt when it is under my machine?  Mum can just bung one under and start straight away, but me, no, I sit there for ages looking at it, staring out the window, looking round the room, anywhere but at the damn thing in front of me!!!  One day I hope it will just happen!

Blimey, reading this back it sounds like I am a right moany old trout today!  I’m not, not really, just need to get it out I suppose.  I am taking Reb out tomorrow, a really thrilling time for her as she has the dentist in the afternoon, nice!!!  But at least we can cruise round a few shops before we get there.  I hope to be in a better mood tomorrow so moan over for now!!! 

Until next time!! 🙂

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3 Responses to Decisions

  1. Janet says:

    Answer to ONE – no matter you do it will be great, plus I bet you will always choose the first one you thought of – it is Sod’s Law!!!!
    Answer to TWO – Yes we do need to win the lottery then we can get away from this dump of a town.
    Answer to THREE – re the answer to TWO, we could move right next door to Kaffe and just raid his stash!!!!
    Answer to FOUR – hahaha I laughed out loud when I read that I can just bung it under a machine and start straight away, NO I CAN’T, I have done my thinking prior to when you see me bunging it under the machine, I am NOT that clever – if only – think of all my UFO’s that are STILL waiting for me to quilt them, groan….
    No you are not a moany old trout, that is my area, you say it like it is which is how it should be because I brought you up to be honest, just as you are doing so with Rebecca. Moan away, get it off your chest then get the quilt under the machine and just go for it, if you ponder too long you will never get anything done, like me with the dusting!!! Shall I or shant I disturb that dust? No, not today, maybe tomorrow.
    I am sure you will both have a jolly time at the dentist (wicked Nana) shall I come with you? Are we going to MK on Friday?

  2. sheppeylass says:

    We’re all entitled to a moan now and then, NN! Then at least we can work out which bits we can actually do something about….
    Hmm, need to take my own advice there! Try googling for free stuff to do locally or ask at the library – school holidays are very expensive! We’re planning some cinema trips as Odeon has kids rates on holiday weekdays, £2.50 with one free adult per child. Also a Romans project (got school stuff lined up for the autumn term!) but a local museum has some art workshops. A train trip with kids for a quid? Doesn’t have to be anywhere exciting to make a day out, although for some reason when WE do that, it always rains! Good luck!
    PS No advice re quilting – I need some too! 🙂

  3. Maggi says:

    Don’t worry about moaning it does us all good from time to time. I’m sure that you’e tried looking at all your MM5 variations on the computer. It was when I saw the thumbnails of mine that it became really clear which one I wanted to do.

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