Yesterday I mentioned that I had finished a cross stitch teddy, and here he is…

The reason he didn’t make it on last night was it was too dark for me to get a good picture of him!!  Rebecca also finished one of her cross stitch kits too and here it is…

Well done Reb, you did that one in record time, wish we had a bath like that bunny!!!

Today I took Reb to town and we went to the cinema to see Mr Popper’s Penguins, it was really funny, lots of giggles and Reb enjoyed it.   Jim Carrey is the main character and it was just so good, makes you want your own penguins and make your house like he did in the film!! And it was nice to just sit and do nothing for about an hour and a half.

Tomorrow is a stay at home day probably, as a few things to do, and am hoping to maybe do a bit of sewing at some point.  What, I have no idea, but am sure I shall find something!!

Until next time!!

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3 Responses to Pictures!

  1. maggi21 says:

    So cute. Well done Rebecca

  2. Ros Burton says:

    Looks like you both had a great time! Very cute. Ros x

  3. Janet says:

    Well done to both of you. They are both really cute.

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