Rebecca had two classes this year, Saturday was Textile Embellished Money Box and Sunday was Name on a Bag, here are the results!

She didn’t make four of them, only one, but I took pictures of all the way round it!! Hahahaha!!

Here is the bag

Well done Reb!  Two great items that you made and that will both come in handy, am really proud of

Am saving pringle tubs now, as am hoping that she will make me one for my savings pot for next year’s show!!!!


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7 Responses to Rebecca

  1. Maggi says:

    Loved the money box when I saw it on Saturday and the bag is gorgeous. Hope you’ve started filling her money box and get yours soon!

  2. liz norris says:

    Can’t get the photos up,tried clicking on little box. HELP needed!!!!! Liz

  3. Helen says:

    Love the money box and bag (look at the concentration on her face as she stitches – no wonder they both look so great!). I wonder how many 50p coins you could fit in an upcycled Pringles tube?! Actually, having seen your treasures from this year I think you’d better collect £1/2 coins, just to be on the safe side! Well done, Rebecca – don’t forget to haggle over your commission fee ;o)

  4. Janet says:

    Well done Rebecca, both items are well made and very useful. I am very proud of you, especially as the lady told me you had no fear of the sewing machine and were very good at it. We, of course already knew that hahahaha. Well done, I wonder what you will be making next year?????
    lol Nana xxxx

  5. quilterdi says:

    Well done Rebecca , the money box and the bag are great. You are one clever girl.

    Di xxxx

  6. Kerstin says:

    great Rebecca. I seen the money box. The bag is super. way to go Girl.

    hugs Kerstin

  7. liz norris says:

    Somehow it is working now so have seen the lovely photos of Reb at the F.O.Q. don’t know why they wouldn’t work before but hey got them now.And the photos in London are super too,you lucky girl!!!

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