This is what I bought!!!

Time for a few more pictures me thinks!!!

These are all the goodies I bought over the two days!!!  All the plains  and the stripe are for my Kaffe quilt, the big batik at the back is backing for a project I have been working on and decided to buy some lovely threads as there is nowhere in town that does scrummies like these!!!

A close up of them for you!!

I really enjoyed the FOQ this year, even though some things were very pricey, it was great.  I had a new camera to play with also, so am thinking that made me happy as was zooming in all over the place!!!  No one was safe!  Hahahaha!!

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2 Responses to This is what I bought!!!

  1. Maggi says:

    You are definitely going to have a good time with these. I do agree with you about the threads, it is never easy getting really nice ones without going on line. I prefer to actually see the colours I’m buying.

  2. Helen says:

    Goodness, what a haul – well done! It’s so nice to be able to buy things that you can’t get locally without having to pay for P&P and after being able to pick them up and look at them – the colours/textures/scale never look the same on screen – it always feels like a slight gamble and I’m so relieved when they look how I hoped/expected! Have fun with all your treasure!

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