This will lead to something else!!!!


Here I am again and with a special post as you will find out later on in the week!!

Just as we were about to leave the F.O.Q. Mum took us to a stall which she had found whilst I was taking pictures!!  Of course once we knew what it was about we had to have a photo opportunity!!!

These two lovely ladies are from The Royal School of Needlework and actually made the lace that was on Kate Middleton’s Dress!!  Reb was allowed to hold some extra bits of it too!!!

A close up, and look at that face!!!  That made Reb’s weekend complete as she is totally in love with anything to do with Kate!!

A massive thank you goes to Mum/Nana for finding the

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4 Responses to This will lead to something else!!!!

  1. maggi21 says:

    What a fantastic thrill for Rebecca. Does this mean you have got to learn how to make lace ready for he wedding dress?????

  2. Kerstin says:

    wonder what news are coming up. is the lace a hint?? lovely lace by the way. look at the big smile on Rebeccas face.

    hugs Kerstin

  3. Janet says:

    Actually Annette, sorry to disappoint but before anyone else tells you, that IS NOT a piece of the actual lace left over, it is from something else, they weren’t allowed to have the leftovers as it were. Sorry, they were telling Rebecca it is in the ‘style’ of Kate’s dress.
    Party pooper aren’t I?
    mum 😦

  4. Janet says:

    Maggi, Annette used to make lace, I have quite a bit of it.

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